Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Content Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing


After several years of vibrant Internet discussions, we're still getting pulled into the debate about the differences between Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

The marketing world doesn't seem to be settled on a good answer yet, but in our mind we have a strong view on this. These are the typical questions we get asked, "Isn't Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing the same thing?" Or, "We do Content Marketing already, so why do we need to do Inbound Marketing as well?"

Our first reply to these types of questions is that we believe Content Marketing to be a subset of Inbound Marketing. However, they're totally joined at the hip ... there is no Inbound Marketing without Content Marketing, and, you can't do really good Content Marketing without some form of Inbound Marketing.

Let's look deeper at the main differences - this isn't an apples and oranges, black and white discussion, as there is some overlap. But we do think Inbound Marketing is the better way to go.

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