Monday, August 22, 2016

Your Website Needs Targeted Traffic: 4 Strategies That Will Help

The ideal in website traffic is pretty much the exact opposite of the ideal in highway traffic. On the highway, your preference is likely for minimal traffic that speeds along with hopefully no interruption either way. Conversely, on your website, you want lots of traffic that lingers around long enough to review all of the great content you have developed that describes your product or services, ultimately providing your organization with a decent shot of increasing your conversion rates. Targeted traffic

So, how do you ramp up the traffic on your website while ensuring it is the right kind of traffic you want to see? Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Build your blogging strategy.

For many companies, building a blog with relevant, useful content seems like too much of a chore. However, if you consider the substantial rewards of blogging, the task may become a little more attractive.

The Forbes article notes that one organization ran an experiment to see if blogging really increases traffic. Going from posting a blog twice a week to posting a blog ten times per week increased the organization's traffic by 300 percent in just two months. Stats like that well illustrate the power of building your own blog.

Another blogging strategy is to post guest blogs on other blogs in your particular niche. Guest blogging expands the reach of your branding message to a group of people who are already interested in a topic related to your niche. This means that the traffic generated from guest blogging is often of high quality.

We were talking to a new client last week who challenged us, "why is blogging so important?"  We responded with the following...

  • Blogging keeps your site dynamic, constantly changing 
  • The search engines will see your new content and subsequently come back more fruquently and begin to offer your site up as a solution to consumers inquiries
  • Blogging can set your organization up as the subject matter expert in your space


2) Pay attention to your SEO strategies.

Search engine ranking is a big deal. No matter how many times Google changes its algorithm, it makes sense to keep up with the changes. According to Hubspot Academy, optimizing your web pages will increase your ranking and drive high quality traffic to your site. Hubspot offers these basic SEO suggestions:

  • Make a list of keywords that apply to your industry, and decide which ones offer the best chance of ranking for your company.
  • Create relevant, engaging page content around your chosen keywords.
  • Optimize the page for mobile.

Targeted traffic

3) Fully embrace the tools of social media marketing.

If your social media marketing efforts are lukewarm, your website traffic will never heat up. Social media marketing enables you to reach your target audience right where they like to congregate on the web. Whether that is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or a myriad of other forums specific to your industry, social media marketing enables you to drive targeted traffic to your website.

It is no mistake that Forbes' "18 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic" lists 7 tips directly related to social media marketing. Some of them are:

  • Install a Facebook or Twitter tracking pixel on your site for remarketing purposes.
  • Upload your email list into Facebook and Twitter to capture the social media accounts associated with the emails. Then you can more easily market to those viewers via their mobile devices.
  • Use Twitter cards with attractive images and engaging CTAs to move the traffic straight to your site.


4) Partner with an inbound marketing agency.

Working with an inbound marketing agency will help you target the right traffic for your site. An inbound agency can drive targeted traffic to your site by:

  • Improving your social media marketing campaigns
  • Increasing your website visibility with SEO and UX strategies
  • Designing a winning content strategy
  • Orchestrating your paid media marketing
  • Optimizing your landing pages for increased conversions

Connection Model is a Hubspot Platinum Certified Agency Partner, providing support for all your inbound marketing needs. Contact us today to discuss your marketing goals and what we can do to help you reach them.

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