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Insanely Powerful Inbound Marketing Services That Can Save You Money

How would you define the word "expert"? What makes a person an expert in his or her field of endeavor? If your answer is "experience", you are right...partially. Experts are not simply those who have experience, but those who have learned the right lessons from their experiences.Inbound marketing services

What does this have to do with inbound marketing? A lot. If you are looking to save money and get the most bang for your marketing buck, it is best to work with experts in inbound marketing services who have learned from experience what works and what does not. The partnership can help you avoid costly mistakes as your marketing is shifted into overdrive and the journey to success is streamlined.

Recently I was having a conversation with a new prospect and he asked me "why do people hire Connection Model?"  Valid question, and the answer was so straight forward it surprised him.  Organizations hire us because we are experts in what we do and we can provide services that typically are not aligned with the core competency of the organization.  The hire us because...

  • Speed to market - especially with larger organizations having to deal with a bureaucratic approval process and then after approval getting in queue with other projects
  • Something new - most organizations see the "cool" technical tricks on other websites and want to utilize this new technology into their marketing toolbox but lack the technical expertise
  • Cost efficiency - when we come in we are typically half the cost of a full-time equivalent (FTE) yet bring the internal capabilities of the entire team
  • Inbound experts - we have been doing this for many years and we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date on changes that are constantly transpiring
  • Our team - we love what we do, and we love helping our clients grow their business...and it shows

Embracing Change Leads to Growth

Admittedly, fully embracing the concept of inbound marketing may represent a change in the way you have been doing business for many years. But change is okay. In fact, it is a lot more than okay. It is essential for growth. B2C's "Is Your Marketing Strategy Stuck? Now Is the Time To Choose Change" offers this simple, but true observation: "If we want to grow our businesses, we must be ok with change, even if it hurts."

Changing from more traditional marketing methods to an inbound philosophy makes sense, given the way that the buyer journey has changed in recent years. Inc.'s "3 Myths about Inbound Marketing" states: "While some may believe that inbound marketing is just another one of those passing Internet fads, it's anything but. The concepts, methods, and best practices that comprise the core of inbound marketing aren't going anywhere as long as there's a need for marketers to reach prospects and buyers at critical junctions and touch points throughout the buying journey to influence decision making."
Inbound marketing services

Why You Need Expert Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound marketing requires a multi-level approach, there are many metrics to analyze and consider which help determine the most effective approach to take. Think of it like flying an airplane. Have you ever actually looked at the cockpit instrument displays on an aircraft? To the average person, those displays mean next to nothing. To a pilot, they make perfect sense. Why? The answer is simple. A pilot has been trained to know what each instrument display reveals about the inner workings of the airplane and about the environment in which he or she is flying.

The same is true for an experienced inbound marketing agency. Such an agency can look at your marketing metrics and your current strategies and discern:
  • Which marketing tactics need adjustment
  • How and when those adjustments should be made
  • How to more closely align your marketing efforts with the buyer journey
  • What inbound marketing services will work best for your target audience
An agency with deep experience in inbound marketing strategy can help you avoid potentially costly marketing mistakes. For instance, consider how much money you spend on designing your website. As B2C's "Inbound Marketing's Most Wanted: Homepage Web Design Crimes" points out: "Because your homepage is the online equivalent of a business's front door, you definitely want to make sure you're paying close attention to what visitors are seeing. The potential design crimes you make on your homepage are some of the most visible and can affect website key performance metrics like bounce rate, time on site, and number of pages seen."

Do you know what those "website design crimes" are? Probably not, unless you are an expert in website design and marketing strategy. But, an agency with experience in growth-driven website design can help you avoid potential website design mistakes and optimize your site for conversions.

Website design, of course, is just one of the inbound marketing services available when you partner with a digital agency. Other services include:
  • Marketing strategy and research
  • Paid media assessment
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Marketing automation
When approached correctly, each inbound marketing tactic has value. But, unless each strategy used is expertly developed according to the specific needs and situation of your business, time, effort, and money will be wasted.

The Takeaway

As a successful business owner, you know the necessity of using the best tools and the most qualified people to get the job done. In the case of inbound marketing, it makes solid business sense to partner with an agency with vast experience in inbound marketing services. It saves time and money, and ultimately leads to increased growth opportunities for your business. Are you ready to leverage the expertise of inbound marketing specialists? Contact us today and begin a partnership that will lead to inbound marketing success.

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