Thursday, October 6, 2016

Partnering With a Digital Marketing Agency Is Not Just for the Big Guys

Digital marketing agencyA small business faces the constant challenge of figuring out how to compete with larger businesses in the same marketing space. For a certainty, large businesses have larger marketing budgets and can often make greater use of traditional marketing methods than smaller enterprises.

The world of digital marketing allows small businesses to market on a more level playing field. A well-designed digital strategy can put a small business on the internet map and pull in traffic that results in more leads and conversions.

However, many small businesses are reluctant to enter the world of digital marketing. Why? There are a number of potential reasons. By far, the most common reason we have heard from small businesses are:

  • They believe that they lack the financal resources to hire a digital marketing agency 
  • Feel they lack the expertise to handle digital campaigns on their own
  • Simply do not have the bandwidth to manage the business and an outside resource.
This thinking, however, is erroneous. A small business both can and should hire a digital marketing agency. Here's why.

1) Working with a digital marketing agency is not an all-or-nothing proposition.

While it is true that your digital marketing agency might have the bandwidth to handle campaigns on a global scale for multi-billion dollar businesses, that does not mean that you have to get the "Cadillac" digital marketing package.

A good digital marketing agency can work with you to design campaigns that fit your budget and your actual needs. In other words, you can pick and choose the services you will use. Your digital marketing agency will start their partnership with you by assessing the current state of your digital marketing campaigns and the needs of your particular company.

Recommendations will be tailored to your situation, and will include the methods and channels of digital marketing that will most effectively achieve your overall marketing goals.

2) A digital marketing agency can scale with you.

As your business grows, a good digital marketing agency will design campaigns that grow with you. Scalability is a huge advantage afforded by going the digital marketing route. Because your digital marketing agency will have experts in multiple marketing channels, the agency will be able to quickly add channels and make adjustments as needed to your strategy, saving time and money in the process.

3) A digital marketing agency will embrace a data-driven approach.

Almost every aspect of digital marketing can be measured objectively. But on what metrics should you be focusing? Your digital marketing agency can answer that question. By implementing a systematic review of the metrics that matter in your particular industry and for your particular business model, a digital marketing agency can help you peer into the minds and motivations of your target audience and craft data-driven campaigns.

Better yet, your digital agency can accomplish this across multiple channels, including social media, your website, and even your traditional marketing campaigns.
Digital marketing agency

4) A digital marketing agency saves you time and money.

Because a digital marketing agency eliminates the sometimes steep learning curve associated with creating a digital strategy from scratch, your business can save significant time and money. Rather than using a haphazard trial and error method, a digital marketing agency will provide you with a team of experts in many digital strategies. Consider it as having a deep bench of talent standing at the ready to help you as needed.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing agencies do not work only with large companies. In reality, partnering with a digital marketing agency can be one of the wisest marketing decisions a small business can make. With such an agency, you can pick and choose the marketing channels you wish to pursue. A digital agency can scale with you, saving you time and money while still crafting data-driven marketing campaigns that lead to success.

Are you ready to take advantage of what a digital marketing agency can offer your business? Request an assessment today and begin a partnership that drives growth for your company.

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