Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Significant Inbound Trends For 2017 - A Summary From INBOUND16

We're still digesting the huge amount of information we picked up from INBOUND16 in Boston. Even though I made lots of notes, attended loads of conference sessions, and got tons of new Inbound Marketing ideas, I needed to sift through all the content to pick the top 5 trends I think you need to look out for in 2017.

Now we're into the 2017 planning season, the time is perfect to consider how these 5 Inbound trends will impact your business in 2017.

1. Video Gets Embedded Into All Aspects Of Inbound In 2017

2. SEO Is About To Change Big Time In 2017 - Be Prepared

3. The Sales & Marketing Process Is Finally Unifying Around The Inbound Methodology

4. Inbound Marketing and PR will be inseparable in 2017

5. LinkedIn & Facebook PPC Advertising - They're Both Strategic And Necessary For Inbound Marketing In 2017 

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