Friday, March 31, 2017

Website Relaunch?  A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help

Digital marketing agency

In today's ever-changing world, it is either keep up or lose out.  And for most of our clients, losing is not an option.  As it relates to your website and online digital presence, the difficulty is that there has been so many changes and updates compliments of new technology that it makes it difficult.

But the one thing you do know is that your old website is not meeting today's digital standards and style, and it’s time to revamp. You know it. Your customers know it. Unfortunately, it can be a daunting affair, one fraught with delays and one where a single mistake can all but destroy your reputation and cost you valuable traffic. However, a digital marketing agency can help make sense of it all by providing a readymade plan that streamlines and simplifies the entire process. 

website redesign is not something to be taken lightly. It’s never just a redesign. It’s never just about changing content or modifying a couple of landing pages. No, a complete website relaunch is an involved affair and a digital marketing agency is the best solution to ensuring that everything is aligned. So, how can a digital marketing agency help?

1.       Full Adoption of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO must be the main driver of any digital marketing agency you choose. SEO is no longer just about optimizing a website or trying to build organic search through link building. SEO is the critical first step behind every digital campaign your company launches. It’s how you structure the content on your website, how your landing pages are laid out, what type of digital advertising you run, and how you make your website mobile-friendly for today’s mobile customer. 

2.       Revamp of Landing Pages for Targeted Traffic

Each landing page must be optimized for incoming traffic. Each page must have a purpose, a focus and a reason for being. It must welcome potential leads and make conversion an easy process. Each landing page is its own funnel. The goal is to drive prospects through the funnel until they’re converted and you get the critical contact details you need to grow a new customer relationship. 

3.       Responsive Platform

We are entering a mobile world and today more content is being consumed over phones than desktop computers. If you are revamping your site, the first question you should ask is will your new site be built on a mobile responsive platform.  If not, you stand the risk of alienating well over half of your targeted audience and leaving money on the table to your competitors. 

Digital marketing agency

4.       Colors, Design, and Branding

Your website’s colors and design must be tied to your brand and it’s that brand that must be taken seriously. It’s a common misconception that space must be filled up with colors. White space works because it brings clarity to your website’s design and simplifies its layout. Check the websites done by your digital marketing agency and always ask for referrals. 

5.       Social Media Channel Management

You can generate organic traffic or paid traffic. One is predicated on building a social following while the other is based on using capital through digital marketing. You need both. However, having a strong social media following helps to protect your traffic against future Google algorithm changes. Therefore, a digital marketing agency must have a plan to build your social media channel alongside a website redesign

Choosing a digital marketing agency to redesign your website is no laughing matter. It takes a core competency in online marketing to make it work. Remember, it's not enough just to drive traffic to a landing page. Success involves optimizing the entire website so that you have every opportunity to increase your conversion rates. 

If you need a website redesign and want to know what we can do, then contact us now to request an assessment.

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