Friday, May 26, 2017

Mapping Your Buyer’s Level of Awareness to The Buyer’s Journey

Earlier this month, we posted two separate blogs on the Buyer’s Journey and Developing your B2B Buyer Personas, both of which are critical to your Inbound Marketing strategy. If you didn’t get a chance to read them, here's a quick overview.

Your Buyer Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. Developing your personas is a critical first step to your Inbound Marketing strategy, as it tells every member of your team who your primary customers are and how to engage with them. Personas drive content creation process, campaign development, and lead nurturing.

The Buyer’s Journey, on the other hand, is the process that your potential buyer goes through before the make their final purchase. There are three stages to the buyer’s journey.

Awareness (Top of the Funnel) – the buyer becomes AWARE of a challenge or opportunity, and are looking for answers, resources and education to better understand it.

Consideration (Middle of the Funnel) – the buyer is CONSIDERING the different solutions, and is looking for information that can educate them on their choices.

Decision (Bottom of the Funnel) – the buyer is ready to make a DECISION and is looking for information that will tell them exactly what they must do to become a customer.

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