Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You Use Digital Marketing, But Does Your Business Have SMAC?

Marketing is, inherently, about embracing innovation. It requires a forward-thinking approach. Digital marketing, in particular, must be about agility and using advanced technologies to interact with and engage your target audience.

As a digital marketer, you are using a variety of platforms and channels to broadcast your marketing message. But, are you using the technologies available in the best way? In other words, does your business have the SMAC stack?

What SMAC Ismarketing.jpgTechTarget

SMAC (short for Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud), for the purposes of digital marketing, is a marketing approach which uses social media marketing, mobile marketing, analytics, and cloud-based technologies to better reach your target audience, fine-tune your digital marketing message, and drive conversions.

 explains the concept of SMAC in this way: "SMAC creates an ecosystem  that allows a business to improve its operations and get closer to the customer with minimal overhead and maximum reach. The proliferation of structured and unstructured data that is being created by mobile devices, ... social media, ... and website browsing is creating new business models built upon customer-generated data. None of the four technologies can be an afterthought because it's the synergy created by social, mobile, analytics and cloud working together that creates a competitive advantage."

Leveling the Field for Small Businesses

The advantage of embracing a SMAC marketing model is that the technologies involved make it possible for even small businesses to compete on a global scale. Working with social media, mobile devices, and cloud technology extends your marketing reach. Analyzing the results of your marketing campaigns in all these areas allows you to tweak your marketing efforts continually, thus ensuring that your message becomes more and more focused on the target audience most likely to convert.

B2C's "The Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) Equalizer for Small Business" observes: "The SMAC technology is a comprehensive and a single tool that provides a holistic solution for digital marketing. It redefines the IT solutions available for digital marketers that will help improve the data management system and optimize the digital marketing results of enterprises. Even small businesses can enhance their ability to grow more competitively among their bigger market competitors because (SMAC) can help transform even the smallest business into one with the equal ability to grow its market share within the digital marketing environment."

Reaping the Benefits of SMAC-Based Marketing

The combination of the four basic components of SMAC helps marketers to quickly adjust to customer behaviors. For instance, the combination of social media marketing and mobile marketing is a match made in heaven, as the vast majority of social media users are accessing information via mobile devices.

Add to that the analytics that digital marketers capture from campaigns on social media and mobile, and it is clear that the synergy that exists between these SMAC components is invaluable to marketers. Cloud-based technologies make it possible to capture and analyze this data, turning it into useful insights that can inform future marketing strategies.

The Takeaway

Digital marketing at its best is an integrative endeavor. Harnessing the power of social media, mobile marketing, insightful analytics, and cloud-based technology creates added opportunities for marketers to fully engage their target audience and boost their conversion rates dramatically.

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The SMAC model enables you to harness the power of cloud-based
technologies to bolster your marketing efforts.

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